SEO Like a PRO
Tired of writing wonderful stories nobody sees?
This IS the course you're looking for.
This step-by-step training shows you not only how to understand SEO, but also how to use it to get to the top of Google and still write like an actual human being.

You've written a great article, but now you want people to actually read it. How do you rank in Google without sounding like you're trying to rank in Google?

With SEO for Writers, you'll learn how to optimize for search engines without sounding like a robot

It's SO frustrating. You've got the green light in Yoast. Your RankMath score is 90/100. And yet you're STILL buried on page twenty. 

Worse, you've sacrificed your story to get those keywords in.

And you know what they say... Where's the best place to hide a body? 

The second page of Google.

It doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, you CAN write a good story and still rank well in Google.

"Omg!!!! Fabulous SEO workshop! I just watched it!
It explains so much!"

Lori Helke
Lori Loves Adventure

SEO for Writers demystifies Search Engine Optimization and shows you how to please the Google gods without resembling an AI-generated mess. 
With easy to understand step-by-step tips, you'll learn:

Why SEO is important (it's not only what you think)

What is Reader Intent and why it matters

Which comes first: content or keywords?

How to find your perfect keywords, including free and paid tools

Where to put them

How to write for your reader so you don't sound like a robot

And how to be a good "netizen."

AND you'll also learn how good SEO can mean more money in your pocket.

Why this class?

Theresa L. Goodrich is an Emmy-winning author and content creator with a penchant for storytelling and a keen eye. She’s the founder of The Local Tourist and Your Chicago Guide and the author of multiple books.

Since 2008, Theresa's been a full-time online publisher and content creator. Although she enjoys social media, she knows SEO is where it's at. However, as a dedicated writer, she's not willing to compromise her craft for rankings. 

Obsessed with writing from a young age, Theresa has been teaching the Midwest Travel Network Writers’ Workshop since 2019. Writers looking to improve their skills have traveled across the USA to learn from her at these intense multi-day retreats. Now you can learn from her from the comfort of... anywhere!

Are you ready to SEO like a pro and still sound like you're speaking the English language? Let's go!

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Being a published author and blogger is easier than ever. That means it's even more crowded than ever.

So how do you stand out? 

By using your voice. 

This Masterclass gives you concrete step-by-step tips on how to not only discover your unique voice, but also - and most importantly - how to use it.

Comes with workbook and exercises to help you find your unique voice and get RAVING fans.

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