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Are you a travel writer? Want to be a better one? 

Taught by Emmy-winning author, publisher, and speaker Theresa L. Goodrich, this extensive master course will show you, step-by-step, how to bring destinations to life. This is a beginning to end, from concept to published product, deep dive into the craft of travel writing. 

This course was fantastic! Theresa lays all the material out in an easy to understand and implement way. I was thrilled to walk away with an understanding of how to write in an authentic way, that is relatable to my readers. I would highly recommend Theresa Goodrich and any of her upcoming classes.

Betsi Hill
Betsi's World

What will you learn?

You'll learn why storytelling is important and how to use intentional language to drive your narrative. 

You'll know how to organize your story, and how to begin and end it.

You'll discover tools that make it easy to research your subject so you can provide compelling details. 

You'll also learn how to find your voice and break that dreaded writer's block. 

You'll know how to finally keep track of all those brochures, notes, photos, and websites you've used for research. 

You'll learn how to be productive so you can get those stories written. 

You'll learn the craft of writing and intentional word choice.

Plus, there's an entire class on SEO for Writers. 

You'll learn how to make people laugh or cry.

And, you'll learn how to put rhythm in your writing.

This Travel Writing Master Class is a comprehensive course that shows you how to connect with your readers in a way that inspires them to make their own memories.

"Omg!!!! Fabulous SEO workshop! I just watched it! It explains so much!"

Lori Helke
Lori Loves Adventure


Theresa L. Goodrich is an Emmy-winning author and content creator with a penchant for storytelling and a keen eye. She’s the founder of The Local Tourist and Your Chicago Guide and the author and publisher of multiple books. 

Obsessed with writing from a young age, Theresa has been teaching the Midwest Travel Network Writers’ Workshop since 2019. 

Writers looking to improve their skills have traveled across the USA to learn from her at these intense multi-day retreats. 

Now you can learn from her from the comfort of... anywhere!

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